GAA News

Tailteann Cup in doubt for 2021

1 March 2021 | 11:17 am

GAA director general Tom Ryan has cast doubt over whether the Tailteann Cup will go ahead in 2021.

GAA needs to address Dubs' Croker advantage - Walsh

1 March 2021 | 10:31 am

Former Galway football boss Kevin Walsh feels Dublin should be playing away from Croke Park more often, citing the All-Ireland champions as having regular games at headquarters as unfair.

Kent succeeds Quinn in CCCC chair

28 February 2021 | 7:32 pm

Former Wexford chairman and current Leinster vice-chairman Derek Kent has been appointed as the chair of the Central Competitions Control Committee.

Walsh: Dubs' Croke Park advantage unfair to others

28 February 2021 | 3:21 pm

Two-time All-Ireland winner Kevin Walsh tells RTÉ's Sunday Sport that the GAA needs to address the "advantage" Dublin have by getting to play so many games at Croke Park.

Twitter reactions to first virtual GAA Congress

28 February 2021 | 1:03 pm

Hurling sin-bin, penalties for cynical fouls, split-season approved and joint-captains banned from receiving trophies. Here's some of the Twitter reactions as the first virtual GAA Congress took place yesterday...

Hurling to trial sin bin as part of cynicism crackdown

27 February 2021 | 3:34 pm

A sin bin will be trialled in hurling this year as part of a crackdown on cynical play, which will also see penalties awarded in hurling and Gaelic football when a clear goal-scoring opportunity is denied.

Watch live: GAA Annual Congress 2021

27 February 2021 | 10:02 am

With Covid-19 restrictions, this year's GAA Annual Congress will be held as a virtual event, taking place today from 10am.

GAA Congress 2021 - Recap

27 February 2021 | 9:50 am

The virtual Congress delegates vote in favour of a hurling sin bin, the split club-county season and eradication of the Maor Foirne rule.

GPA ask GAA to take cynical play motion off the table

25 February 2021 | 1:35 pm

Gaelic Players Association boss Paul Flynn has written to GAA director general Tom Ryan requesting that the cynical play/sinbin/penalty motion be withdrawn from Annual Congress this Saturday.

County boards told that they must await more guidance

24 February 2021 | 3:06 pm

The GAA has confirmed to county boards that they are seeking clarity from the Government on certain aspects of the new roadmap of dealing with Covid-19, citing difficulties in streamlining fixtures as a huge challenge in the weeks and months ahead.

GAA confident all competitions will be fully completed

24 February 2021 | 11:51 am

Outgoing GAA president John Horan has aired his confidence that the club championships, Allianz Leagues and All-Ireland championships will all be completed as long as training is allowed to resume in six weeks' time.

Horan: We won't put a load of games behind a pay wall

24 February 2021 | 11:09 am

Outgoing GAA president John Horan has said the association has no intention of "putting a whole load more games behind a pay wall" when the TV rights come up for negotiation this year, despite writing to the government to request no further games should be designated free-to-air.

Ulster GAA upcoming Safeguarding Courses

15 February 2021 | 5:11 pm

A number of upcoming Safeguarding Courses are available for training Club Officers throughout the province. Children’s Officer Webinar –  Saturday